Confidential client compliance questionnaire



    The information contained in this Confidential Client Compliance Questionnaire (this “Questionnaire”) is being furnished by the undersigned client (“Client”) to SunnySide Digital, Inc., a Canadian corporation, and its affiliates (collectively, “SSD”), in connection with SSD’s evaluation of a potential business transaction with Client. This Questionnaire does not constitute an offer or agreement to sell any goods or services to Client, and nothing herein should be construed as imposing any obligation on SSD to enter into an agreement with Client.


    Client understands that SSD will rely upon the information contained in this Questionnaire in connection with its evaluation of entering into business with Client and that completion of this Questionnaire is a prerequisite to doing business with SSD. In addition, Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that SSD may share the information disclosed hereby confidentially to certain parties, including, without limitation, counsel to SSD and other business advisors, and also to applicable governmental authorities, as required by law.


    Client hereby represents and warrants to SSD that all the information contained in this Questionnaire (including Client’s responses to the applicable questions set forth herein) are true, correct, and complete in all respects, and that the individual completing this Questionnaire is fully authorized by the Client to complete this Questionnaire on behalf of Client. Client further represents and warrants to SSD that SSD may rely on the information set forth in this Questionnaire and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SSD from and against any and all liability arising from any false, untrue, or misleading statements by Client set forth in this Questionnaire.


    Please complete this Questionnaire as indicated and answer all of the included questions. Some questions will prompt you to provide additional details. You may attach additional page(s) for your response(s), as necessary. This Questionnaire and your answers will be always kept strictly confidential, subject to any obligatory disclosures under applicable law.


    Please provide your full legal name, date of birth and current address:

    Please provide the registered name of your company, as well as its tax identification number or official registration number, and any fictitious names, trade names, or “d/b/a” names used by your company. Please include articles of incorporation / certificate of registration (attach pdfs):

    Company ownership and control

    Legal proceedings

    Financial matters

    Acknowledgement to client compliance questionnaire

    I, the undersigned individual, for the Client, as its authorized representative, hereby certify to SunnySide Digital, Inc., a Canadian corporation, and its affiliates (collectively, “SSD”) that Client has completed this Questionnaire and supplied all responsive information requested hereby, and, further, that such responses, as set forth herein and in the accompanying pages attached hereto, is true, correct, and complete in all respects, and that I am fully authorized to provide such information and bind the Client to its obligations hereunder.

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