By bringing its enterprise clients Rosseau’s immersion cooling technology, Sunnyside Digital is helping lead the effort to improve the industry’s energy and capital efficiency.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Dec. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/SunnySide Digital, a global distributor of enterprise data center infrastructure, partners with Rosseau, to offer high-performance computing (HPC) and bitcoin mining clients cutting-edge immersion cooling technology that improves power density by up to 100% compared to alternative immersion cooling systems.

In the world of bitcoin mining, thermal management isn’t just a technical challenge, it’s a critical factor in virtually all metrics that matter – efficiency, sustainability, and profits. The heat generated by bitcoin mining servers has pushed traditional air-cooling methods to their limits, compromising the efficiency, reliability, and lifespan of bitcoin mining hardware.

SunnySide Digital is committed to providing its customers with leading technology to not only survive, but thrive. Our partnership with Rosseau and their suite of immersion technology is helping us deliver on that goal.

When traditional heat management technology falls short in meeting the climbing power densities of today’s HPC and bitcoin mining servers, immersion cooling has been emerging as a superior solution. The more power density your immersion cooling system is capable of managing, the more heat it whisks away from computer servers, enabling greater operational efficiency and stability, hardware longevity, and performance. In the bitcoin mining race, where every bit of efficiency and sustainability is crucial, a high power density immersion cooling system can be the defining factor that sets successful mining operations ahead of industry peers.

Assembling some of the brightest engineers to tackle this thermal management problem, Rosseau has just come out of stealth mode with a market leading suite of technology. Leading the engineering team is Rosseau’s CTO, Rick Margerison; who, in addition to his role with Rosseau has been appointed as a co-leader of Immersion Cooling Requirements for the Open Compute Project (OCP). This is a pivotal role as it influences industry standards for traditional hyperscale data centers used by tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, DELL, Intel, and more providing Rosseau access and visibility into the traditional data center industry.

Karth Potluri, CEO of Rosseau, expressed unwavering confidence in SunnySide Digital’s capabilities, remarking, “I have witnessed firsthand the caliber of execution and the exceptional business relationships SunnySide Digital has cultivated with bitcoin miners. They are a high-performing team that consistently caters to the unique demands of the mining sector. We are tremendously proud to partner with Taras and his remarkable organization to introduce our world-class immersion cooling products to the bitcoin mining industry.”

“Rosseau’s immersion product incorporates several key elements that make it truly market leading; offering industry-leading power-density, scalability, speed, and affordability, complemented by end-to-end services that are essential to delivering exceptional results for our valued customers. Rosseau’s visionary approach to immersion cooling and the future of data centers aligns seamlessly with meeting our enterprise clients’ needs, especially as we approach the bitcoin halving in 2024,” said Taras Kulyk, CEO of SunnySide Digital.

In the rapidly maturing bitcoin mining sector, Taras affirmed, “Bitcoin mining is a race for efficiency and scale, and the accelerating power-density of ASICs is driving infrastructure towards high performance at-scale liquid-cooling. SunnySide Digital is committed to providing its customers with leading technology to not only survive, but thrive. Our partnership with Rosseau and their suite of immersion technology is helping us deliver on that goal.”

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About Rosseau:
Rosseau is renowned for its scalable immersion cooling solutions tailored to the most challenging computing environments. Rosseau provides a complete solution including proprietary immersion cooling technology, dielectric fluid, custom firmware, as well as complete site design and installation services that deliver unmatched results for bitcoin mining operators. Their scalable immersion cooling technology empowers dramatic increases in ASIC power densities, reliable and efficient overclocking, component efficacy, and cost savings. Together with SunnySide Digital, Rosseau is pioneering the large-scale adoption of advanced data center cooling solutions.

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About SunnySide Digital:
SunnySide Digital stands as the one of the largest and most trusted distributors of digital mining hardware and infrastructure globally, serving some of the most prominent and reputable bitcoin mining companies worldwide. With a track record of selling hundreds of thousands of ASICs and associated hardware, SunnySide Digital has earned its reputation for consistency, executional excellence, and high-quality service. SunnySide Digital is committed to providing its mining and data center clients with the best products and solutions available in the market. Its products are accompanied by comprehensive service offerings that delivering tangible results for their clients’ business objectives.

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