ePIC Blockchain welcomes a new partnership with SunnySide Digital to drive customer expansion

TORONTO, Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ePIC Blockchain Technologies (“ePIC”), a leading Blockchain technology company, today announces an exciting partnership with SunnySide Digital (“SunnySide”), a leading wholesale-focused services and solutions company in the HPC and digital mining data center sectors.

This new alliance establishes SunnySide as a strategic distributor of ePIC’s UMC boards and firmware, as the two companies team up to provide enhanced solutions for the rapidly evolving digital mining sector.

As part of this partnership, SunnySide brings its one-stop-shop experience in data center asset wholesaling, fleet maintenance & repair, and operations & logistics. SunnySide’s established network and capabilities will ensure effective and rapid global distribution of ePIC’s UMC control boards to digital mining facilities.

“By partnering with SunnySide, we are leveraging their expertise in data center hardware and operations to ensure our products are delivered and integrated effectively with the right enterprise partners. Our ePIC UMC products, coupled with SunnySide’s professional services, will ensure digital mining data centers perform at the highest possible standards in diverse operational environments,” said Jim Seto, CEO of ePIC.

From data center design consulting to procurement services, SunnySide offers a wide array of services that complement ePIC’s hardware design and manufacturing capabilities. SunnySide’s proven track record and commitment to delivering vetted, high-quality hardware and maintaining digital mining assets align with ePIC’s mission to provide exceptional user experience for digital miners.

“Jim and the ePIC team have a proven history of delivering high-quality hardware products in a space where that is extremely rare and difficult. This partnership is an example of SunnySide’s ongoing commitment to meeting and exceeding our enterprise customer’s expectations by bringing them access to vetted, new, and innovative technologies that help bolster their bottom line. Together with ePIC, we look forward to driving further advancements in the digital mining sector and delivering superior value to our clients and stakeholders,” said Taras Kulyk, CEO of SunnySide.

About ePIC Blockchain Technologies
Based in Toronto, Ontario, ePIC is a leader in semiconductor and system design for Proof of Work (PoW) Blockchains. ePIC offers customized mining rigs, including rigs based on the latest Intel® Blockscale™technology. The ePIC Universal Mining Control Board and Firmware utilize fleet enhancement technologies to streamline and automate the performance and efficiency of the mining fleet.

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